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Property Management

  • As a property owner, we have been planning and developing our own leasing apartments and buildings. Using this experience in property management, we precisely identify owners' requirements, carry out rational and low-cost property management, and maximize property profitability.
  • In order to achieve full occupancy at an early stage, we conduct speedy market analysis, provide information, carry out leasing activities, check responses, and make proposals for residential and commercial buildings for singles and high-end tenants, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We also provide quality property management services through our management system, emphasizing close communication with tenants.
  • We carry out property management for overseas corporate and individual investors.
  • Tenant recruitment for from luxury apartments to studios for major foreign companies, Japanese companies, embassies, and legations
  • All necessary forms, English-language rent management, reporting, and services after moving-in
  • Integrated management of condominiums for rent, condominiums for sale, commercial buildings, office buildings, shared houses, and houses for the elderly
  • Building management, including regular maintenance and management patrols, statutory inspections of fire-prevention and  other equipment, daily and periodic cleaning of buildings and premises, and security monitoring
  • Property management services in English for owners living outside Japan

PDM's ORIGINAL Property Management System

Pacific Property Management System 

Our property management system is called Pacific Property Management System, and has as its aim the securing of maximum profitability for owners under our total business system, from rental to management.

We prioritize the interests of owners in all of our business activities.
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