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To All Property Owners

Are you looking for a real estate partner capable of letting and managing your valuable property in Japan? Or, are you dissatisfied with your current real estate partner?

With our experience of serving a wide variety of owners, including investors from outside Japan, PDM supports property owners with regard to many aspects of real estate with our swift, yet meticulous services.

  1. 1.Effectively Leveraging Real Estate

    Supported by our experience as a developer, PDM is able to propose to you the best way of making the most of your under-utilized real estate from a selection of options.

  2. 2.Property Management

    In order that your real estate can realize its true revenue potential, we will fully consider from many measures for your propenties (including residential, office and commercial properties) with regard to vacancies, cost reduction, and improving the value of your building through renovation. PDM is able to provide our clients a variety of services to achieve the above objective.

  3. 3.Purchase and Sale of Property

    PDM offers a complete range of services, starting with the documentation required for purchase decisions, beginning with a market report on housing the purchase of which a prospective owner is considering in order to start as a new landlord. Our service extends all the way up to arrangements for property sales, from assessments and proposals of the estimated sales value to selecting and mediating with buyers.

  4. 4.To Asset Managers

    PDM is an experienced property manager, and actively works for a range of properties in J-REITs and private funds. PDM is capable of providing all necessary services, such as strategic leasing management, increasing property value, making cost control proposals, producing monthly reports in a variety of styles, providing meticulous service to tenants, and more in order to achieve maximum profitability for the investors for whom our asset manager client is acting.